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- The goal of this tutorial -

- Find out what is actually
- Learn all about the best methods that can dramatically increase your profits
- no scam, and that I will prove it
- Anything you can not lose, you can only get $ $
- I hope to you with this tutorial "open" the imagination, and you'll get new ideas that will lead to $ $ $

Read on ... First and then decide to register ...

What is and how it works? a site that pays its members to share "shrined" (shortened) links on the internet!
All you need to do is find an interesting link / image / blog, etc., cut it with their
"Shrink Tool-TV" and forward it to other users on the Internet!
Does benefit from it? has the benefit of it, the thing is that a user has clicked on the link "forwarded" the ad "out" for 5 seconds ...
Various advertisers pay service that they promote their product / advertise / blog / page.
To access the contents of a user who is behind link after 5 seconds, the displayed ads must "skip ad" by pressing the button
(SKIP AD) in the upper right corner! method of payment and the amount harvested per click!
Enough about them, we are interested in hunting: D
- money paid out every app - 30 days their customers
- The minimum amount required for payment is - $ 5.00
- pays via Alertpay and Paypal service
- To pay the not require verification of age, you only need to enter your Alertpay / Paypal email address
- Do not forget that for Alertpay and Paypal verification is required (photocopies of personal documents) and personal information is entered correctly
- If you do not have Alertpay or Paypal account, I would recommend you to register on (facilitated payments)
Or (do not use and do not know)
- If you have one of these accounts to transfer money online, ignore the last 3 entries
- Thank you

Current amount pays out for the different countries of the world
(CPM) amount payable in 24-hour period for 1000 visitors

Interstitials CPM
United States
$ 4.49
$ 2.55
United Kingdom
$ 3.36
$ 2.73
New Zealand
$ 2.70
$ 2.60
$ 2.59
United Arab Emirates
$ 2.50
South Africa
$ 2.50
$ 2.41
$ 2.30
$ 2.27
United States
$ 2.19
$ 2.15
$ 2.15
$ 2.10
$ 1.96
$ 1.80
$ 1.79
$ 1.72
$ 1.69
$ 1.67
$ 1.64
$ 1.63
$ 1.61
$ 1.57
$ 1.53
Saint Lucia
$ 1.50
$ 1.48
$ 1.44
Czech Republic
$ 1.37
Virgin Islands, U. S.
$ 1.33
$ 1.26
$ 1.23
$ 1.22
$ 1.20
$ 1.17
$ 1.17
$ 1.16
$ 1.15
$ 1.14
$ 1.11
$ 1.11
Turks and Caicos Islands
$ 1.10
$ 1.08
$ 1.07
Antigua and Barbuda
$ 1.06
$ 1.06
$ 1.06
$ 1.06
$ 1.06
$ 1.06
$ 1.04
$ 1.03
Hong Kong
$ 1.02
Russian Federation
$ 1.02

For all other countries under the CPM is $ 1.00 to $ 0.25
Clearly you how to
- Let's go now to the methods of -

First Method

Share links with friends

- The first method is one of the simplest
- Shrinkajte its interesting content, songs, page ... I send my friends that this would be of interest
- With Windows Live Messenger, shrink links from YouTube, you can quickly share with friends through a common conversation
- Try to talk send them each at least 1 link that is tied to the conversation
- In 90% cases, your friend will click on the link to see what you like to share with him
- The same goes for any messenger program, including Facebook chat of course :)
- This method is "safe method" but its drawback is that it is not automated, but for those who are a lot of correspondence on this can be well used as a secondary way to earn

Second Method

Facebook method

- Facebook is a method on one of the most developed, the most common and most cost-effective method to
- You've stumbled upon a group of stupid like "amazing, look at what happens in the women's locker rooms"
- E just such a site, the highest earners
- This method I use, in 2 days 7000 clicks and 5.5 dollars I earned with this method, and only I go after.
- For those not familiar with this method, I will write step by step Tutić: D

Step 1
Create a Facebook page.

Step 2
Set the "attractive name" such as

The secret trick to win in any fight.
Top 10 ways to get out of trouble with their parents!
Or only the pages that are hidden behind the content interesting.

Step 3
Select "Local business activity" and then select:
"I am the official representative of that person, business, musical group or product you have permission to create these pages.

Step 4
Upload an image that has to do with the title page, but do not give any konkrentan content (content that is located behind link)

Step 5
Click on "Edit Page" below the profile and remove all unnecessary applications.

Step 6
Once you have deleted all the unnecessary applications, add the FBML application.

Step 7
The hardest step is the FBML, but somebody knows somebody does not know the language, edit it so that people are having Laika, they click on your link to view the content!
(If you do not know what the FBML scripts, I have an offer for you, offer it at the end of tutorial)
Step 8
Once you have mastered the FBML script for viral development of your site, go to the wall of your site and click on "Settings"
In the section "Settings" set
("The view of those who are not members": Set your FBML tab)


Third Method

Youtube methods

Do you have a youtube channel?
- If you have, this is the right method for you.
- All you need do is add a link to related to your video and add a "pop up" in your video (the text that appears in the video for the time) - sry do not know the real name
- If your video has a lot of views, it will erupt among the first of keywords, which means that only looks to grow, say every 5 users who view your video squeeze on the link above, in addition to another if you have more video = good earnings 30 days (the period of payment)

For those who HAVE Youtube Channel, has a cure, perhaps even cost-effective, to make themselves ...
- Find new and polularne video clips, be it music or tutorials, or a series of trailers, simply does not matter
- All you need is reuploadat them to:
- Change Tagg, HQ, etc.
- Once your video has more than 1000 views, add "page annonation": This video is old, please click on the link in the description of how you would view the latest version. Put your link followed by the original video from YouTube
- Approximately 90% of people will click on your link it is redirecting to the original video

4th Method

Method Forum

- Register one or more forums that do not have too many members, but have a great visit
- The majority of forum users must register to see links to topics
- Go to a subforum that interests you and that you set some issues with download links
- Copy of one's tutorials, take part in discussions once a day
- Set a link from your blog or another blog that is not yours and it has to do with the topic about which the story
- A good choice as forums with download links, when someone needs something, he will also register (once) only to "Collect" link that requires
- Be imaginative
- If you are working correctly, this method will not bring much profit, but with all the other methods, this is an automated
- Set on the topics most often where there is no one, just watch the guests
- Place the links to a couple of topics and earnings will grow over time, but not excessive when one fix this method, you do not have to do with it

5th Method

PTC method

(In no longer, this method is only for those who know what the PTC, and that they have been in it or are currently)

- You earn through PTC method? This method is good for you, if you think that you will not pay the PTC site (Scam)
- Some of the PTC site where you can make the face Accaunt
- Example of how I did it -
- 2 years ago I clicked like mad on the PTC site in a month I have collected $ 500 dollars and put the payment, money is of course not yet occurred because the site is SCAM!
- Cash of course I earned the honest way than through the bot, it does not matter anyway, it is essential if you love something on such sites, and smells to SCAM site, the only thing that will make the "Convert to Active Directory" section ...
- You put your URL, site description, and of course pay the money from the account (no credit cards, but the money you have on the PTC website)
- 24 hours you will write "pending audit" then your ad will krenit at
- I took 2 times from $ 179 10 000 visits, even for a total of 20 000 visits to my link that I put
- With that I earned about $ 5, of course, not all 20 000 views on, there were about
- 6000 which is good for me, with that money with BUX sites would not have won anyway

6th Method

Twitter method

- I guess you all know what twitter is and how it works ... So let's start on the steps :)

First Make at least 3 twitter accounts.

You can use your name or making a fake .. ACC's best if you use feminine names, such as Rachel, Kyle, Amanda, Jennifer, etc. ..

Second To view the pictures, you can choose your own picture or scene / emo teens. Never choose a picture from the movie crnatog, or overly popular person.

Third Then, using the tweet bot follow 1000 people a day.


4th Wait 24 hours and using a bot, unfollow anyone who does not follow you.

5th Once you have at least 1000 followers on all 3 accounts, go to the posting of links

For example tweet:

OMG! Justin Bieber's new song, UNBELIVEABLE 


Your account can be deleted if you just put links! To avoid this, be creative and shorten your links with ... Then you're absolutely sure, and is permitted by
The you can register at

What is is a free service to shorten links, and pays you to you and share links to the Internet. This makes it one of the fastest and easiest way of earnings relative to the Internet. Another great advantage that there is you earned money paid each month on PayPal or Alert Pay account.

Everything you need to do is to share links that are turned on in this kind of example 
When you make such a link needs to be shared with someone on the internet. When the person to whom you gave your link clicked, opens the first commercials in which the upper right hand corner counts down 5 seconds after the 5 seconds pass, and to click "Skip ad" and then appears in the original link ie the content that you would like to share with that person. Everything works very easy and simple, and you each get a link to your Watched some money. Detailed process of earnings will explain in the following text.

How to earn

The process of making dateljnije we'll explain in just three steps:

First First you need to register to AFTER you fill out the registration form, you must verify your account through the mail, and fill your personal data required for payment.

Second After successful registration, all you need to choose the link that you want to share with others, and paste it into the space provided for it (shown in picture below)

 Then you'll get your link in this form   and all that remains is to share it further.

Third You can spread your links to friends and others via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, e-mails or any other shape which will bring you a visit. links can also spread via their own web pages, and in all possible ways that you think. Because remember that the more clicks on your link you to the higher earnings.

And you've seen how easy the process of earning, and you and your resourcefulness to find a way in which you collect as many views and thus earn more money.

What is the earnings on

Earnings on depends on how you look at the links and from which country they have. Best clicks are paid from the U.S., and the predominantly Croatian clicks and clicks on the other Balkan countries can have around $ 1-1.5 per 1000 clicks, but it's all relative.

Here's a small update this post because I noticed that the earnings link to the HR increased from 0:40 CPM to 0.65 CPM. What course are still not satisfactory to the click price in foreign countries, but positive growth certainly gives hope. earnings on facebook
Facebook as the largest social network has great potential for profit. Facebook group with over 10 000 people or a facebook profiles are the ideal way to monetize your links. Perhaps the moment that all the time you spend on stupid facebook we begin to use the proper purpose.

All you need is to turn something interesting in your adfly link and put on your wall or the wall of your FB group.So you zagaranitirani clicks but it all depends on how good and rich friends profile you have and how much quality you have FB group. Here's an example if you have a FB group with 100,000 people. Some of these 1% of 100,000 people clicked on your link adfly, it will be 1000 hits a day. If you place a link each day you can have and 30,000 hits a month it is earning from $ 25-75 depending on the geographic origin of the clicks. That means only 1% of the clicks you already have a solid đeparac without excessive hard work. The only problem is to get to facebook group of 100,000 fans.

Another great way to earn FB over facebook group in 3 steps. Like, share and adfly link to obtain the content.You've probably all met with such groups on Facebook, but you can begin to exploit for their profits.

The problem is that FBML or iframe script for such a group costing over $ 20 but if you sign up as my referral get iframe script in 3 easy steps for free.
All you need to do is register via this link  and get to earn at least $ 0.10 (10 cents) to see how active you are and whether you had to fake profile .